Planning a trip to Hawaii is almost as much fun as the trip itself (well, maybe a distant second, but still ...). Travel agents, Yelp, and Tripadvisor are among many wonderful, rich resources you can consult. Bloggers often provide an even deeper dive into the Hawaiia lifestyle, offering you the sights, sounds, and tastes of the islands from their point of view.

We love living and working in Hawaii, and the people who curate the best Hawaii blogs do, too. Here’s a list of our favorites:


Exploration Hawaii:

The founders of Exploration Hawaii originally thought they were starting a “Hawaii adventure blog,” including hikes and spending time off the beaten path. Their focus began to include events and the culinary scene, and Coty Gonzales and team have built a renowed blog with minimal advertising. And those photos … simply brilliant photography. (full disclosure: Coty might be doing a feature on us in the coming months.)


The Cat Dish:

A Hawaii-based freelance writer, blogger, and photographer, Catherine Toth’s blog is full of both Hawaii and worldly adventures. While her most recent posts detail her travels in Scotland, her blog is a treasure trove of Hawaii food writing and photography.


Frolic Hawaii: and

Frolic is a Hawaii entertainment and lifestyle website that covers dining, events, nightlife, style, films, and just about anything fun happening in Hawaii. Their up-to-date calendar can help you plan your outings while in Hawaii, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the food section. From restaurant openings, to the top five places to get Spam Musubi, you could spend hours surfing the food photos alone.


Eat Rice Hawaii

Warning: don’t go to this website if you’re hungry. While not updating as often as some other Hawaiian blogs, what is there are tantalizing pictures of Kalbi beef, bacon-wrapped mushrooms, mac-nut mahi mahi, Yuan grilled sea bass, Kim Chee bacon cheddar scone, and we could go on. You get the idea!


Honolulu Magazine’s “Biting Commentary”

This site is tremendous. When they write a post, they go big. How about “109 Drinks and Dishes You Must Try Now.” You could get lost in here! And posts like “19 Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants in Honolulu, HI” mean they’re working hard to be a resource to all travelers.


Unreal Hawaii

For the adventurous tourist, this site chronicles the best hikes, backpacking, rock climbing, and beaches of Hawaii, and they do it with stunning photography.


Tripadvisor’s list of best Hawaii blogs:

Just in case you haven’t “surfed” Hawaii enough, Tripadvisor offers this list of other Hawaii blogs.


These blogs and the ones listed above should keep you busy for days. Enjoy!

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