The Perfect Pour Over

by Honolulu Coffee
November 26, 2014

Did you know that there are many ways to brew a cup of coffee? Here's the perfect way that we suggest to brew our delicious Peaberry.

What you need:
• Honolulu Coffee Bee House Dripper
• Paper filters (#2)
• Pouring kettle
• Medium size hot cup (12oz)
• 21g (.75oz) Fresh roasted Honolulu Coffee (medium-fine grind)
• 336g (12oz) Filtered water  (195º - 205ºF)
• Timer

1) Place filter in pour-over, preheat filter and pour-over by pouring hot water through them.

2) Add your favorite type of Honolulu Coffee into the filter and place medium size hot cup under the dripper.

3) Start the timer and pour 2oz of water over coffee. Make sure to saturate all the grounds thoroughly.

4) Allow the bloom to degas for 30 seconds before adding more water.

5) Continue to periodically and slowly pour water over the coffee, keeping the filter halfway filled with water during the brew process.

6) General brew times are between 2:30 and 3 minutes

7) When the cup is filled 1/2 inch away from the rim with coffee, the brew is finished.

8) Immediately remove the cup from under the dripper and serve. (Remember to dispose of the used filter and ground after every brew.)

9) Enjoy!

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