Single Serve Cups are the Perfect Way to Take Honolulu Coffee With You On The Go

by Honolulu Coffee
December 15, 2014

When it comes to coffee and convenience, nothing matches a single-serve brewer. Hot, fresh coffee anytime, anywhere? Yes, please! It's no wonder these handy machines have caught on with coffee lovers all over the world.

Although they started out for home use, single serve brewers have moved into the office lunchroom and can even be found in reception areas and waiting rooms nowadays.  Coffee drinkers are assured of getting a cup of great-tasting, hot coffee anytime they want it and they have many flavors and brews to choose from.

Now, you can add Honolulu Coffee to your selection of K-Cups®. Our single-serve cups are the perfect solution for coffee lovers who can't get enough of our great coffee at home and want to take it with them or for businesses that want to treat their visitors and guests to the finest of Hawaiian coffees.

Delicious Hawaiian Coffee At Home And At Work

If you're lucky enough to have a single brew machine at work, you know how these brewers have changed the way coffee is served in the office. The old days of stale coffee kept warm on a burner are over thanks to Keurig® and similar machines. Businesses love being able to offer guests fresh, hot coffee, tailor-made to their coffee drinking preferences and guests appreciate the tasty alternative to coffee that's been sitting on a burner for hours.

Here's why we love our Single Serve K-Cups®!

  • Brew a single cup at a time with no fuss and no mess
  • Enjoy hot, fresh coffee with the push of a button
  • See less coffee go to waste. Brew exactly what you need every time
  • Take single serve cups with us wherever we go
  • ‘A‘ole pilikia (no problem, no trouble)

Single serve cups from Honolulu Coffee are highly portable which means you can take your Kona or Honolulu Blend coffee with you wherever you go. Stow one in your purse or jacket pocket to drink at work or buy a box of our single-serve cups and keep in your desk at work for a taste of Hawaii anytime.

Purchase Single Serve Kona Coffee Cups From Honolulu Coffee

Honolulu Coffee's single serve cups are available in three flavors: 100% Kona, Kona Blend, and our signature Honolulu Blend. Each variety is available in a box of 12 single serve cups. Purchase our Single Serve K-Cups® online here.

NOTE: K-CUP® is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, Inc. Honolulu Coffee single serve cups are not affiliated with nor approved by Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, Inc. Our Single Serve K-Cups® are compatible with most Keurig® K-Cup® brewing systems.

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