Coffee Gift Pack

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This exclusive 12oz coffee sampler pack contains three (4 oz) bags of our most popular coffees! 

Lokahi Blend - Flavor notes of balanced, marmalade and milk chocolate. Lokahi, meaning unity and balance. Words that encompass what we are as a company and what best represents our coffee experience.
Our Lokahi coffee was previously known as our Espresso Blend. Net weight 4 oz

100% Kona Extra FancyDelicate notes of wild honey, sweet flowers, ripe melon, and milk chocolate. Kona Extra Fancy, grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, is the highest grade of Kona Coffee available. Kona Coffee is sorted by size, using various screen sizes. Kona Extra Fancy is sorted with a screen size of 19, yielding a larger bean. Such beans take longer to develop, allowing them to absorb more nutrients from the tree. This yields a bold, complex, well-rounded cup of coffee. 

The preferred brewing method for this coffee is basic drip. Net weight 4 oz

Makahiki Blend 10% Kona Coffee - Flavor notes of sweet cocoa, cherry, and brown sugar. The Makahiki season is an ancient Hawaiian festival of the Harvest Season which celebrates the bounty of the land. As in our blend, we pay homage to the season by offering an ever evolving mix of coffees. Net weight 4 oz