Big Island Bees Honey
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These pure and organic jars of honey, from the Big Island of Hawaii, are flavorful and unique. Very tasty on pancakes, waffles, and vanilla ice cream!

The flavors that the Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey are imparted by the nut that the tree produces after the blooming period. The end product is a floral but nutty flavor, with a velvety texture and a dark chocolate color.

Our Ohia Lehua Blossom Honey is a white, naturally crystallized honey, with a delicate, distinct flavor. Its source is a tropical flower called the Lehua blossom, found only in Hawaii.

Our Wilelaiki Blossom Honey, otherwise known as Christmasberry honey, has a subtle flavor with hints of spice. The honey also has a visually appealing shade of amber.

Each 9oz (200g)

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