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Honolulu Coffee is passionate about providing you with the ultimate coffee experience! Unlike any other coffee in the world, Kona coffee provides a deep-rich flavor that makes every cup a memorable one. Grown on the beautiful slopes of the Big Island, our Kona coffee beans are farmed under the perfect conditions - delivering a variety of blends that are as enjoyable in the morning as they are at night. We then roast fresh to bring you the best Kona experience possible. Finding the ideal cup of coffee starts and ends with Honolulu Kona coffee.

Honolulu Coffee was founded in 1992. Since then, we have grown to showcase the excellence that is Kona Coffee.
Our success is driven by our never ending commitment to quality.
From planting the coffee seeds, to taking care of our farm, to processing and roasting the coffee we grow, to brewing it to its best potential, we are committed to showing the world how great Kona Coffee can be.