Farm to Cup

Our Farm to Cup Kona Experience - Graphic

Since 1992, we have been roasting, brewing and selling the finest coffees in the world.
Honolulu Coffee differentiates itself by having its own coffee farm. This allows us to control every step in the Kona coffee quality chain. You'll taste this passion for superior quality brewed into each cup.
We begin our Farm to Cup story with our prized Kona coffee farm, located on the beautiful slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

A Kona coffee plant seedling growing in the soil.

Tropical rain showers add to the ideal growing conditions.

A Kona coffee plant blossoming a white flower in April.

Trees flower each April.

A tractor carrying harvesting farm workers on our Kona coffee farm in Hawaii.

Three years of hard-work leads to our first harvest.

Red, ripe Kona coffee cherries growing on the coffee plant.

Only the ripest deep red cherries are hand picked.

The outer cherry of the Kona coffee seeds being removed.

The outer cherry layer is removed and the beans are put on the patio to dry.

Drying Kona coffee seeds on a patio.

Beans are turned on dry bed every 30 minutes.

Our vintage Probat coffee roaster in operation.

Roasting brings out unique and natural fruit like flavors.

A Honolulu Coffee barista pouring latte art into a cappuccino cup.

We are proud to serve you the best Kona coffee.