Honolulu Coffee's new springtime seasonal menu with the following items: Sweet Potato Haupia Bar, Hibiscus Spritzer, Blueberry Corn Muffin, Guava Bread, and Lavender Latte

Blooming with a New Tropical Spring Menu

From floral-infused brews and delectable pastries that capture the essence of a morning breeze, check out the blossoming beauty and flavors that Hawai‘i has to offer.

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Collage of Honolulu Coffee's 2023 highlights; Year in Review

Honolulu Coffee 2023, A Year in Review

2023 was a journey filled with aromatic brews, new community partnerships, and moments shared over cups of our beloved Kona coffee. Join us as we take a stroll through the cherished memories that defined our year at Honolulu Coffee Company.

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Group of seasonal pastries: Cinnamon Orange Morning Bun, White Chocolate Cranberry Muffin, Walnut Coffee Cake, and Spiced Maple Bacon Scone

Holidays in Hawai‘i: Our NEW Seasonal Menu

While stopping by our cafes this holiday season, we hope you can feel the coziness and joy we get from sharing 'ono (delicious) treats with our 'Ohana. See our twist on our festive favorites.

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Honolulu Coffee's Kona coffee plants growing in the soil

Freshly Grown, Freshly Roasted: Honolulu Coffee’s Kona Coffee Farm

Understanding the process from our Kona coffee farm can help you understand the care high-quality standards we instill in our processing so that you may enjoy our 100% Kona coffee direct from our farm to your cup.

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