Paul Massard Joins The Honolulu Coffee Ohana

by Alison Akau
April 22, 2014

We would like to welcome our new Director of Supply Chain, Paul Massard to Honolulu Coffee!

Paul was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and grew up in Naples, Florida. He found his passion for the coffee business during the summer of his sophomore year at The University of Miami, working as an accounting/finance intern at Coffee Resources. He was fascinated by the unique, wide and variety of flavors found in coffees, even those from the same countries and same regions. Then he worked for the family business at J&R Stone Crafters while pursuing an MBA from The Florida Gulf Coast University. Prior to Honolulu Coffee, Paul worked for The Roasterie, Inc. in Kansas City as a green coffee buyer. Paul has been invited to multiple Cup of Excellence competitions throughout the world, has competed in the finals of the U.S. Cup Tasters competition, and received the prestigious Q Grader Certification. Paul will oversee Honolulu Coffee’s Warehouse, Production, and Coffee Sourcing, including harvests from Honolulu Coffee’s Company Farm. Paul is well-respected in the specialty coffee and sourcing community.

Paul just moved to Hawaii from Kansas City and if he has free time, he would like to learn how to surf and try to do some hiking at our beautiful spots. Paul also wants to eat a lot of Tuna and maybe try some Sushi in Hawaii. Welcome on board, Paul!

Interview By: Noriko Abe




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