Kona Coffee Farm Report #1

by Honolulu Coffee
September 25, 2014

By Paul Massard

Paul Massard, the Director of Supply Chain at Honolulu Coffee, is responsible for overseeing our coffee roasting, green coffee sourcing from Hawaii and around the world, as well as production and quality control. This report is the first of many Kona Coffee Farm reports that he will be sharing with you. They will provide an interesting perspective of what it takes to produce Honolulu Coffee’s world-class Kona Coffee. Paul is also a Certified Coffee Q Grader, of which there are less than 6 people in the Hawaii with this distinction.

Our new mill is working great. Ryson, our Kona Coffee Farm Production Manager, has taken a liking to our new mill and the preliminary results have been great. We have processed a lot of cherry, with more scheduled for this week. Our first batches are resting in parchment, which should be ready to mill and cup within the next 2-3 weeks. The drying times have been longer that we expected, with the longest at 18 days. I attribute this to the continued rains that we are getting in the afternoons; this reduces the amount of daily sunlight thus prolonging the drying times. 

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