Extend Vacation Memories While Sipping Hawaiian Coffee At Home

by Honolulu Coffee
November 28, 2014

They say the sense of smell is one of the strongest senses that is connected to memory. A simple whiff of a scent in passing is enough to trigger the most vivid of memories. If so, what better way to remember your Hawaiian vacation than by enjoying a cup of Hawaiian coffee at home.

Hopefully you were able to enjoy some fresh Hawaiian coffee at one of our cafes during your visit to the islands and brought some home with you. To recapture that ono (delicious) island taste, follow our brewing tips below. 

Brewing Your Hawaiian Coffee

Even the best-tasting, more premium coffee on the planet won’t taste good if it's brewed improperly. To get the best flavor from your Hawaiian coffee, we recommend these brewing tips:

  1. Start with fresh beans. Ground coffee may be convenient for those rushed mornings, but whole bean Kona coffee will stay fresh longer. Grind only what you need and store the rest. For the freshest taste, use your Honolulu Coffee beans within two weeks of purchasing them. You may have heard that freezing beans is a good way to maintain freshness. We do not recommend this. A dark, airtight container stored at room temperature is the best way to keep your coffee fresh and full of flavor. 
  1. Use a clean pot. Clean the pot regularly to remove both coffee build up and mineral build up from the water. Both of these lingering residues can affect the quality of your brewed coffee.
  1. Use filtered water. A cup of coffee is mostly water, so use the best! Old water gets stale and can affect the flavor of your finished cup. Filtered water assures you of the cleanest flavor. 
  1. Watch the grind. Consider the grind when brewing your Hawaiian coffee. Finely ground coffee will take longer to filter through than more coarsely ground coffee. Coarse grinds are a great choice for French presses. Fine grinds are a better choice for drip coffee makers. If you aren't sure how finely to grind your coffee to reach your preferred taste, experiment! After all, discovering the unique flavors and tastes of Hawaiian coffee is half the fun of drinking it.
  1. Measure your grounds. Use 1-2 tablespoons per 8 ounces of water to get the best flavor. Bitter coffee is often the result of using too little coffee. If your coffee is too strong, a little hot water can dilute it.
  1. Don't burn it. We've all tasted burnt coffee before. Yuck! Avoid that flavor that seems to stick to your pot no matter how much you scrub it by keeping the burner temperature under 200 degrees. Single-serve cups are a great way to avoid burning or wasting your Hawaiian coffee.
  1. Drink it fresh. Fresh is best. Drink your coffee as soon as possible after brewing. Flavor starts to deteriorate after just 10-20 minutes! The longer it sits, the more bitter it can become. Never reheat old coffee. The flavor just won't be there.

Now that you've brewed your perfect cup of Hawaiian coffee, breathe deeply and let the island life wash over you. What a perfect way to start your day!

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