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Our Decaf Honolulu Blend coffee brings together a rich combination of various specialty grade Latin American coffees. Many coffee drinkers would be quick to decline when offered decaf coffee, but this special blend showcases the best of both worlds. It is a very complex cup of coffee with subtle acidities and a pleasant sweetness that can be consumed by people sensitive to caffeine. 

This coffee holds so many flavors due to the decaffeination process. Most decaffeination processes use chemicals to extract caffeine from the coffee, which unfortunately removes most of the common flavors that coffee produces. Our coffee goes through a chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeination process, thus retaining the majority of the coffee flavors we enjoy.

This coffee is best prepared with a normal coffee brewing or a single cup dripper.


Orders ship fresh to roast on Tuesdays and Fridays. Orders received by Monday at 8am Hawaiian Standard Time will ship on Tuesdays. Orders received by Thursday at 8am Hawaiian Standard Time will ship on Fridays. Learn more in our Shipping FAQ.

Our Kona coffee farm is located on the slopes of the dormant Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Learn more about our farm in our blog, "Freshly Roasted, Freshly Grown: Honolulu Coffee's Kona Coffee Farm".

The best coffee is coffee that you love. That said, there are basics for making the most of every brew, such as:

• Brewing Water Temperature: 195-205 F

• Clean, filtered Water

• Proper steep time for the grind setting: Coarse Grind = long brew time, Fine Grind = short brew time

• Proper Coffee to Water Ratio: 1 gram of coffee for every 16 ml (or g) of water

• A consistent grind particle size: Use a burr grinder if possible

• Coffee that is not too far off-roast

We love brewing the Kalita and French Press in particular. Get our recipes here!

Kona coffee, on repeat? There's no better way to relive your Hawaiian experience.

We offer subscription options for all of our Pure Kona and coffee blends. They are highly customizable and allow you to skip orders or cancel at any time. You can learn more on our Subscription Page.