Vanilla Plant Leaves Growing

A Divine Vine: Laie Vanilla Company

Laie Vanilla Company's passion for what they do propelled us to partner in a few amazing new products we have brought onto our menu. Read our interview with them and learn about their story here!

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Recipe

We are obsessed with this lovely and simple cookie. Get the recipe here, and enjoy these cookies with a freshly brewed Kona Extra Fancy!
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Recipe
The Perfect Day in Maui

The Perfect Day in Maui

Whether you’re a visitor staying in one of Maui’s gorgeous resorts or a local with a deep knowledge of all of Maui’s secret, wondrous places, we invite you to explore... Read More

Hawaiian Irish Coffee

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, we put our own Hawaiian spin on the classic Irish coffee. Read more and find the recipe here!
Hawaiian Irish Coffee next to a Chemex and a 12oz bag of Kona Coffee
The Honolulu Coffee Kona Coffee Farm

Kona Coffee: From Farm to Cup, A Visual Tour

We would love to have you with us on each step of our farm to cup Kona coffee experience. While that might not be quite feasible, we would like to offer you this virtual journey (with gifs!).

The Perfect Day at the Experience Center

Grab a coffee at the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center and explore the McCully-Mo’ili’ili neighborhood with us! Join us as we stop at Leonard's Bakery, Waiola's Shave Ice, and the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.
Blue sky and clouds over our Experience Center cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii
4 bowls of Kona coffee - 2 green coffee beans and 2 roasted - showing the difference in size between peaberry coffee and normal Kona coffee

Kona Peaberry Coffee: What Is It?

Coffee folklore has it that the peaberry is the best coffee from a coffee harvest. But is that really true? What sets our own Kona peaberry coffee apart? Get the scoop here!

The Perfect Day at Wailea

Grab your Kona coffee and join Honolulu Coffee as we enjoy a day around Wailea and explore places like Makena Beach State Park, the Wailea Costal Walkway, and many shoppes! 
A sandy beach in Hawaii
Honolulu Coffee & Sustainability

Honolulu Coffee & Sustainability

Honolulu Coffee is committed to improving the sustainability of our Hawaii specialty coffee industry, and at large. To that end, Honolulu Coffee has partnered with locally owned and operated companies... Read More

Sea & Sky & Soil: The Kona Coffee Way

What is it that makes Kona coffee so special? What can Kona coffee make us feel? Practice mindfulness and live the Hawaiian experience with each sip. 
Our Kona Coffee Farm on the Big Island in Hawaii