4 bowls of Kona coffee - 2 green coffee beans and 2 roasted - showing the difference in size between peaberry coffee and normal Kona coffee

Kona Peaberry Coffee: What Is It?

Coffee folklore has it that the peaberry is the best coffee from a coffee harvest. But is that really true? What sets our own Kona peaberry coffee apart? Get the scoop here!

The Perfect Day at Wailea

Grab your Kona coffee and join Honolulu Coffee as we enjoy a day around Wailea and explore places like Makena Beach State Park, the Wailea Costal Walkway, and many shoppes! 
A sandy beach in Hawaii
Honolulu Coffee & Sustainability

Honolulu Coffee & Sustainability

Honolulu Coffee is committed to improving the sustainability of our Hawaii specialty coffee industry, and at large. To that end, Honolulu Coffee has partnered with locally owned and operated companies... Read More

Sea & Sky & Soil: The Kona Coffee Way

What is it that makes Kona coffee so special? What can Kona coffee make us feel? Practice mindfulness and live the Hawaiian experience with each sip. 
Our Kona Coffee Farm on the Big Island in Hawaii
The outside of the Ala Moana Hotel in downtown Honolulu, Hi and Waikiki

The Perfect Day at Waikiki

Kona coffee promises a true Hawaii experience, but how about enjoying the sights and sounds of Hawaii while you sip your Kona? Join Honolulu Coffee as we enjoy a day at the beaches of Waikiki and explore the trails of the stunning Diamond Head crater!

How Do You Brew Kona Coffee? Chemex vs. Kalita

You've got your Kona coffee, now how do you brew it? We talk about getting hands-on with your Kona with the Chemex and Kalita Wave 185 pour over brewers.
How Do You Brew Kona Coffee? Chemex vs. Kalita
Coffee Cherries on Hawaii Kona Coffee Farm

Kona Coffee Harvest 2020 & New Years’ 2021 Farm Update

It's Makahiki season, an old Hawaiian tradition that celebrates the end of the harvest season, the beginning of a new year, and the last bounty of the harvest. We provide an update on our Kona coffee farm! 

The Perfect Day at Bishop

While we really wish you could be here to join us, we thought the next best way would be to write some blogs about our favorite things to do around our cafes. First stop: Bishop!
Statue in Hawaii near a pool of water
Green Kona Coffee Cherries growing on our Kona coffee farm | Honolulu Coffee

The History Of Kona Coffee Beans in Hawaii

Kona coffee beans are a world delicacy. But did you know that coffee isn’t native to Hawaii? Learn how this plant made its way to Hawaii and where it's grown.

Let's BBQ!

See our fan-favorite Kalua Pork recipe made with our famous Kona BBQ dry rub. This is a recipe that is SURE to impress and make 'em all come back for more at your next backyard BBQ.
A knife cutting into a cooked slab of meat