Honolulu Coffee Experience Center: In The Heart Of Everything

Our new Honolulu Coffee Experience Center is at the gateway to the most famous beach community in the world, Waikiki. It’s located on Kalakaua Avenue at Kapiolani Boulevard, just a stone’s throw from numerous hotels and amazing beach destinations.

You can ride the main bus routes including 2, 2L, 3, 4, 9, which is easy going west and east bound on Kapiolani Boulevard. Directly across Kalakaua houses the Hawaii State Convention Center which holds numerous events.

The world's largest outdoor mall, Ala Moana where we currently have 2 cafe locations in amongst 290 retail stores, and over 70 eateries, is in walking distance.

We look forward to all joining us at Honolulu Coffees new flagship opening mid-September.

View of Kapiolani Boulevard and Kalakaua Avenue.