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Honolulu Coffee's Kona coffee plants growing in the soil

Freshly Grown, Freshly Roasted: Honolulu Coffee’s Kona Coffee Farm

Understanding the process from our Kona coffee farm can help you understand the care high-quality standards we instill in our processing so that you may enjoy our 100% Kona coffee direct from our farm to your cup.

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Kona Coffee Cherries growing on our Kona coffee farm | Honolulu Coffee

The History Of Kona Coffee Beans in Hawai‘i

Kona coffee beans are a world delicacy. But did you know that coffee isn’t native to Hawaii? Learn how this plant made its way to Hawaii and where it's grown.

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Why Not All Hawaiian Coffee Is The Same

Why Not All Hawaiian Coffee Is The Same

Some people wonder how Hawaiian coffee can vary so widely from one product or brand to the next. Even the most casual of coffee drinkers understands that different geographic regions produce different inherent flavors in the coffee beans and, hence, different coffees. But how can Hawaiian coffee vary so widely from brand to brand or even within a brand if it’s all grown in the same state? Factors That Influence Hawaiian Coffee The biggest reason Hawaiian coffee differs so much is because there are different growing conditions on each of the islands. So, while, yes, technically, it is all grown in Hawaii,...

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